rgod pa

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rgod pa - 1) laugh; 2) irrepressible rage/ anger/ hostility; 3) excitement; 3) mtshungs pa gsal byed kyi sgra zhig [mental] excitement, wildness, over-exuberance, restlessness, [mental] agitation discursiveness, distraction; 4) wild; 5) vulture; 6) capable, good at [IW]

rgod pa - agitation; def {yul la 'phro ba} agitation means to reach out towards objects [RY]

rgod pa - ebullience, agitation, excitedness, laugh, grow weak, languid, indolent, excitement, dimness, agitated [JV]

rgod pa - excitement, agitation, distraction, restlessness, mental excitement, wildness, over-exuberance, mental agitation, discursiveness, agitated. 2) menacing laughter (one of nine moods of dance); wild(ness) 3) Excitement, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances, {nye nyon nyi shu}; Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {sngon gyi byas pa'i yul la slar 'phro ba} 4) laugh 5) irrepressible rage/ anger/ hostility 6) capable, good [RY]

rgod pa - (mental) agitation; menacing laughter [one of the nine moods of dance (speech)]; wild(ness) [RB]

rgod pa dang 'gyod pa - restlessness and guilt [RY]

rgod pa bsdu ba - curbing agitation [RY]

rgod pa phra ba - subtle agitation [RY]

rgod pa phra mo - subtle agitation / excitement [RY]

rgod pa rags pa - blatant excitement, obvious agitation [RY]

rgod pa'i gnyen po ting nge 'dzin gyi rnam pa bsgom pa - to train in being concentrated as the remedy for agitation [RY]