rgyags pa

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mental inflation, mibp 89, fat person, fatty, full, intoxication, haughtiness, conceitedness, fat, provisions, victuals, food, arrogance, pride, inebriated, 8 kinds (rigs bzang bas rgyags pa, gzugs, lang tshos, nad med ps, nor gyis, dbang yod pas, bzo rig shes pas, mang du) [JV]

arrogance [RB]

1) (Tha mi dad pa brgyags pa, brgyag pa,, be satisfied by food/ desirable qualities; 2) fat [person]; 3) self- infatuation/ satisfaction * self-satisfaction, intoxication *, mental inflation, haughtiness, make haste, mighty, powerful, vanity, pride, egocentric,; 4) provisions [IW]

self-aggrandizement [RY]

rgyags pa, brgyags pa, rgyag pa intr. v.; 1) self-infatuation, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances, self-satisfaction, intoxication [with one's advantages such as health, wealth, education, youth etc.], mental inflation, haughtiness, to make haste, mighty, powerful, vanity, pride, egocentric, one of the sems las byung ba lnga bcu nga gcig fifty-one mental events in the nye nyon nye shu twenty proximate. 2) fat, a fat person, fatty. 3) provisions. alt. ft. and ft. of rgyags pa; lang tsho dar ba sogs rang gi dpal 'byor gyis sems gang ba / 'di ni rang gi yon tan la chags pa dang / nga rgyal - gzhan gyi yon tan la ltos nas khengs pa yin pas tha dad do]] fat [RY]

== Discussion == arrogance. One of the near afflictions. It is conceit that focuses on one's own self, one's own body, family, and so forth, as superior. It is sometimes translated as haughtiness, but haughtiness implies someone of high social status whereas even low status beings can be arrogant. DKC