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p. brgyan, imp. of rgyan pa; to decorate, adorn, ornament. rig pa'i rgyan the adornment of insight. ornament, ornaments [in poetics], decoration, jewelry. "beauty", enhancement; adornment; 2) Lamkara, Ornament (of Realization / the Sutras) by Maitreya / Asanga; ornament [RY]

1) rgyan pa!; 2) ornaments, decoration, jewelry; 2) gamble, bet, stake, lots; 3) p brgyan decorate, adorn, ornament; 4) ornaments [in poetics]; 5) election [IW]

Ornament [Sutralamkara] [RY]

adornment (of being)* [RB]

ornament, decoration, stake, pledge, lot beauty, enhancement, attributes, result, bet, to adorn, decorate, adornment, ornaments [JV]