rgyud kyi dngos po bcu

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SA dngos po bcu [JV]

ten aspects of the subject matter of tantra. A view of the real de kho na nyid lta ba determinate conduct la dor ba spyod pa mandala array bkod pa dkyil 'khor successive gradation of empowerment rim par bgrod pa dbang commitment which is not transgressed mi 'da' ba dam tshig enlightened activity which is displayed rol pa phrin las fulfillment of aspiration don du gnyer ba sgrub pa offerings which brings the goal to fruition gnas su stobs pa mchod pa unwavering contemplation mi g.yo ba ting nge 'dzin and mantra recitation zlos pa sngags accompanied by the seal which binds the practitioner to realization 'ching ba phyag rgya. Syn rgyud don gyi dngos po bye brag tu phye nas bcu, rgyud don gyi dngos po bcu [RY]

ten topics of tantra. View, conduct, mandala, empowerment, samaya, activity, accomplishment, samadhi, offering puja, mantra and mudra. These are the ten aspects of the path of a tantric practitioner, as well as the ten primary topics to be explained [RY]