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Five families. The five buddha families of tathagata, vajra, ratna, padma and karma. They represent the innate qualities of our enlightened essence [RY]

Five Families. Name of a sadhana text composed by Guru Rinpoche focused on Mahayoga tantra [RY]

five (Buddha) families (rigs refers to the mudra or hand emblem); Five Buddha Families. the five castes. 1) Buddha rgyal rigs. 2) Vajra rje'u'i rigs 3) Ratna dmangs rigs 4) Padma bram ze 5) Karma gdol pa'i rigs Five Enlightened Families. Tathagata. or buddha-family buddha rigs the vajra-family. or family of indestructible reality rdo rje'i rigs or vajrakula. the jewel-family rin chen rigs or ratnakula. the lotus-family pad ma rigs or padmakula. and the action-family las kyi rigs or karmakula [RY]

Five buddha families [RY]

the five families [IW]

the five families: 1) gang zag rigs can lnga ste, nyan thos kyi theg pa'i rigs dang, rang sangs rgyas kyi theg pa'i rigs, de bzhin gshegs pa'i rigs, ma nges pa'i rigs, rigs med pa bcas so; 2) mi bskyod pa dang, rin 'byung, 'od dpag med, don grub, rnam snang ste lnga'o,//. five Buddha Families the five castes ; 1) Buddha = *rgyal rigs* 2) Vajra = *rje'u rigs* three Ratna = *dmangs rigs* 4) Padma = *bram ze* 5) Karma = *gdol pa'i rigs* five Enlightened Families Tath gata or buddha-family *buddha rigs* the vajra-family or family of indestructible reality *rdo rje'i rigs* or vajrakula, the jewel-family *rin chen rigs* or ratnakula, the lotus-family *padma rigs* or padmakula, and the action-family *las kyi rigs* or karmakula] [IW]

also: five buddhas crown [used in ceremonies] [RY]

5 older orders of monks, 5 classes of science (bzo rigs, gso rigs, sgra rigs, tshad ma rigs, nang don gi rigs) [JV]