rjes dpag

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(aanumana inference * deduction, conclusion, conceptual inferential cognizer [IW]

judgment of perception, inference, conjecture, guessing, consideration, deliberation, syllogism, genuine or mediate inference, come to a new fact potentially involved in premises, inferential cognizer, SA dngos stobs rjes dpag, rtogs pa'i rjes dpag, grags pa'i rjes dpag, yid ches rjes dpag, dpe nyer 'jal gyi rjes dpag [JV]

(aanumana) inference [see a sign/ reason and according to its certain connection establis what is to be established/ proved, evaluate/comprehend hidden objects of valid cognition/ pramana from the signs/ reasons smoke and water birds infer fire and water] [IW]

deductive reasoning/ inference [RB]

inference [thd]

inference; deduction, conclusion, conceptual inferential cognition. yid ches gyi rjes dpag is inference by way of certainty. grags pa'i rjes dpag is inference by renown which has to do with suitability of names for objects. dngos stobs kyi rjes dpag is inference by power of fact [RY]