rjes dran drug

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six rememberings; 1) 'chi ba rjes dran. 2) skyes pa rjes dran 3) gtong ba rjes dran 4) lha rjes dran 5) bar do rjes dran 6) chos nyid rjes dran the six recollections. 1) lha rjes su dran pa. 2) lam 3) skye gnas 4) bsam gtan 5) bla ma'i man ngag 6) lha ba [RY]

the six recollections [IW]

Six recollections. There are different lists of which the most appropriate is: Recollection of the yidam deity, the path, the place of rebirth, the meditative state, the oral instructions of the teacher, and the view [RY]

the six recollections [sangs rgyas pa tshos rtag tu mi brjed par dran bya'i yul drug ste bla ma dang - sangs rgyas, chos, dge 'dun, tshul khrims, gtong ba bcas so] [IW]