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subsequent attainment, post-meditation [IW]

1) post-meditation [situation], subsequent attainment/ realization, post-meditative period; 2) ensuing; 3) after a period of contemplation, aftermath [of meditative absorption [IW]

between meditation sessions [RY]

1) RJY: post-meditation, the post-meditative period, ensuing, after a period of contemplation, aftermath [of meditative absorption). Generally, the period of being involved in sense perceptions and daily activities. Specifically, the period of being distracted from the natural state of mind. 2) subsequent attainment / realization, 3) Jackson, 1994, EMS, "post-meditation practice." post-attainment, post-meditation experience, [Skt] prashthalabdha; postmeditative awareness, ["after-feeling"]; Thrangu Rinpoche: the feeling after mnyam bzhag [RY]

postmeditation/ ve awareness [RB]

post-concentrative state, subsequent presentational knowledge, subsequent aesthetic post-immediate stage after a period of contemplation, subsequent attainment, post-meditation experience, subsequent activities, subsequent realization [JV]