rnal 'byor pa

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yogi, yogi, practitioner, male practitioner of yoga, 'one who masters the real' [RY]

practitioner/ yogi [RY]

SA rnal 'byor, one who adheres to yoga, hermit, ascetic, yogi, early tibetan disciple of atisha, personal, visible, practitioner of yoga, yogin, practitioner, yogis and yoginis [JV]

yogin, practitioner [IW]

yogi [IW]

rnal 'byor ma one immersed in/ united with genuine being; yogin/ yogi(ni) [RB]

a yogi, yogin, a practitioner a male practitioner of yoga- yogin, 1 who masters the real TSE [IW]

Yogi / yogi. Tantric practitioner. In this book, the word yogi often holds the connotation of someone of who has already some level of realization of the natural state of mind [RY]