rtogs pa

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comprehension, understanding [RY]

spiritually accomplished [RY]

understanding; to understand; (stable) realization; to realize (in a stable manner); to gain realization; isc. to fathom [RB]

spiritual accomplishment [RY]

Realization. The third stage in the sequence of understanding, experience, and realization [RY]

1) (Tha mi dad pa,, know[ledge],[reach] understand[ing], comprehend [-sion] [spiritual] realize[-ation] [Go rtogs,...Rang rtogs,...Shes rtogs,...Bzang ngan dbye ba rtogs pa]; 2) cognition; 3) 1 recognizes, path, reunion, will be able make progress, cognition/ nothing [mental function] [IW]

(direct, comprehensive, intuitive) understanding, direct experience, intuition, know, understand, to intuitively grasp, direct aesthetic contact with reality through an indefinable empathy and intuition, recognize, (fully, thoroughly) comprehend, realize thorough perception, infallible knowledge, true perception of all things in general, metaphysical development, perceive, deduce, fathom, 1 of lam yan lag brgyad, non-judgmental real understanding, real knowledge, to realize, realization, discovers [JV]

rtogs pa, rtogs pa, rtogs pa intr. v.; 1) to realize, understand, know, recognize, comprehend, reach understanding. 2) n. realization, understanding; cognition, comprehension [RY]

realization [RY]

realization, understanding [thd]

yon tan rtogs pa - to think of [someone's] good qualities [RY]