rtse gcig

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1) one-pointed, one-pointedly, one-pointedness of mind; single-minded concentration. 2) one-pointedness, one of the phyag rgya chen po'i rnal 'byor bzhi the four yogas of Mahamudra; see also rtse gcig rnal 'byor the yoga of one-pointedness [RY]

1-pointed[ly][ness], concentration [IW]

One-pointedness. The first stage in the practice of Mahamudra [RY]

1-pointed[ly][ness], concentration [one of the [[phyag rgya chen po'i rnal 'byor bzhi: four yogas of mahamudra] [IW]

1 pointed [IW]

single-mindedly [RY]

ekagrata, one-pointedness, one-pointed concentration (in abhidharma and sutras), unitary experience (in tantras), the state of being focussed, unique kind of whole associated with shunya, SA rnal 'byor rnam bzhi, singleminded, undivided attention, one-pointedness of mind, sharply, one-pointed fixation [JV]