rtsod gzhi

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subject of disputation, basis of contention, subject, issue [JV]

1) cause of dispute; 2) matter/ basis/ subject of debate [Rtags gsal 'god skabs kyi dharma to be established bsgrub pa'i gzhi chos can nam subject of debate for both debaters, EG, the dharmin sound, [= rjes su dpag par bya ba'i gzhi, dpag gzhi, bsgrub gzhi, shes 'dod chos can phyogs chos kyi phyogs TSE] [IW]

basis/ focus of debate/ disputation [RB]

topic for debate [RY]

matter of dispute, basis, subject of debate [RY]

the subject of the debate [ggd] [RY]

cause/ matter/ basis/ subject of debate/ quarrel/ controversy/ dispute [IW]