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1) earth [element], soil, land, ground, surface; 2) bhumi * three seat, throne; 4) state, stage, level; 5) location, place; 6) realm; 6) day; 7) living quarters, residence; 8) base; 9) earthen, clay; 10) plateau; 11) SA; 12) subsequent letter; 3) rank; 4) a cattle disease; 5) # [IW]

Level. The levels or stages a bodhisattva traverses on the journey to complete enlightenment. See bhumis [RY]

ground [thd]

slob sa'i yul anyone on whom to train [RY]

earth; spiritual level/ bhumi; level of ordinary being; isc. state [RB]

earth element, solidifying force, solidity, solidification, ground, land, earth, soil, continent, territory, location, place, level, spot, space, occasion, opportunity, position, step, grade, state, degree, stage, plateau, site, bhumi, clay, dust, figure 28, location particle, level of awakening, stage, level of realization [JV]

(verb)-sa - (point of) potential . . . ; environment of . . . ; place of . . . [RB]

1) earth [element], ground, land, soil, base, territory. 2) stage, state, level, ground, bhumi [spiritual level of attainment of a bodhisattva]. 3) seat, throne. 4) living quarters, residence, location, place. 5) realm. 6) ground, earthen plateau, earth; 7) occasion [RY]