sbyin pa

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liberality, give, bestow, make a present of, add, sum up, gift, alms, transmit, grant, gratis, charity, alms, generosity [JV]

generosity [RB]

1 (tha dad pa byin pa, sbyin, sbyin,; 1) give, bestow, generosity; 2) add[ition], combine, mix; 3) gift, thing given, donation, charity, alms [IW]

to impart [RY]

sbyin pa, byin pa, sbyin pa, sbyin trans. v.; ft. of sbyin pa; 1) to give, bestow. 2) generosity, giving, liberality, charitable, 3) distribution of gifts, charity, donation, alms, one of the phar phyin drug six paramitas. giving, one of the chos spyod bcu 10 religious practices; Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: rang nor yongs gtong ba [RY]

gave them back [RY]

donation [RY]

practise of generosity [RY]