sbyor ba

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. . . la sbyor ba - (to (provide a) link(age) to . . . ; to apply (to) [RB]

sbyor ba, sbyar pa, sbyar ba, sbyor trans. v.; to apply (oneself); to engage actively; to bring/ come into contact with; to insert; acquisition. application, to bind, fetter, endeavor, occupation, preparation, See also nang 'phrod kyi sbyor ba syllogism, activities, engage in, application to, to be united with, j, to affix, attach, fasten, stick, to apply, to correlate, to unite. Tana/ union of male and female/ deities (secret bliss offering)/ preparation, preliminary; fulfills [RY]

argument, formal argument [ggd] [RY]

(Tha dad pa sbyar ba, sbyar ba, sbyor,; 1) bsdebs nas bzo ba, phan tshun sgrig pa; 2) literally 'byor bar byed pa; 3) practice, meditate; 4) sexual union; 5) so that realization may be autonomous gather the three knowledges [mkhyen gsum]; 6) means of; 7) preliminaries/ preparations/ arrange[ments], prepare [-ing]; 8) conduct, behavior, occupation, activities; 9) reasoning, syllogism; 10) two; 11) astr sbyor ba * conjunctions of planets and motion stars; 12) affix, attach, fasten, stick, apply, application; 13) bind, fetter; 14) acquisition GD; 15) endeavor; 17) engage in; 18) unite, be united w (19 correlate TSE combining [IW]

activities [RY]

yoga, unite, union, practice, copulation, prepare, preparations, effort, preliminary (step, stage), syllogism, application, affix, attach, fasten together, put close to, apply, conjoin, connect, combine, get ready, adjust, accommodate oneself to, establish, confirm, make steadfast, settle, assiduity, connection, conjunction with something else, coincidence, agreement, harmony, parallelism, analogy, arrangements, plan, breathing, logical (statement, proof), 1 of 10 stobs bcu, 1 of rig gnas bco brgyad, application, to reach, to guide, to press, to assimilate, to apply the practice, to be reborn, sexual union, sexual union [JV]

to apply (oneself); to engage actively; to bring/ come into contact with; to insert; to pertain (to); syllogism; isc. to be one within . . . [RB]

dbyer med du sbyor ba - to merge indivisibly [RY]