sdug bsngal

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anguish [RY]

pain, suffering; zug rngu ill, misery, frustration, dissatisfaction, agony, pain, despair [RY]

sorrow [RY]

suffering, frustration, misery, unsatisfactoriness, bitter, painful, problem, situation, conflict, conflict situation, 3 kinds, 8 varieties, distress, grief, grievance, sorrow, woe, tribulation, calamity, distress, affliction [JV]

1) suffering; 2) intrinsic suffering * ill, misery, pain, frustration [Tse] [IW]

suffering/ dissatisfaction [RB]

pain, suffering [thd]

Suffering (sdug bsngal): The first the "Four noble truths," which are (1) the truth of suffering, which must be seen as beings omnipresent in samsara, (2) the truth of the origin of suffering - the negative emotions that we must eliminate, (3) the truth of the path (spiritual training) that we must take in order to reach liberation, and (4) the truth of the cessation of suffering, the fruit of training or the state of Buddhahood. [MR]