sems byung

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caitta, specific functions, function events, specific operations of sems, phenomena which arise from mind, specific details of experience, mental (factor, events, states), mibp 18, particular existents (vaibhasikas), Abhidharmakosa has 46 or 49, Abhidharma samuccaya has 51, another book has 71, mental factor, mental factor [JV]

sems las byung ba 1) mental event; mental factor / function, thought pattern, mental outflows, mental contents, all the reactions that follow initial perception. mental state / event, 'resulting from a cognitive act'. secondary mind. See also sems dang sems byung [RY]

mental events [IW]

mental event; state of mind [RB]

1) mental factor/ function/ outflows/ contents, thought pattern/ state/ event [all the reactions that follow initial perception]; 2) secondary mind [IW]

mental state [thd]