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avenue/ door(way); gate [of mansion]; isc. agency (of . . . ); visionary doorway* [RB]

door, headings, entrance, doorway, aperture, admission to, medium or means of, means of, the passage of, science of gateway base, exit, gateway [JV]

gate, door [RY]

means; 1) approach, door, gate, doorway, opening, entrance. 'kun 'dus. 2) means, method, opportunity, medium. 3) compendium, composite. 4) p. bsgos imp. sgos to give an order or instruction; door; avenue/ door(way); gate (of mansion) [RY]

1) place/ hole to go in and out, door[way], approach, gate, entrance; 2) means, way, method, medium; 3) prisoner's neck covering instrument of punishment; 4) compendium, composite; 5) [p bsgos sgos!] give an order/ instruction [IW]