sgom pa

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bhavana, meditation, creative imagination, conscious cultivation, meditative development, making a living experience of, contemplate, concentrated attention to the nature of things, close attention to, total attention, call up, to foster, meditate upon, bear, sustain, withstand, fancy, imagine, have, entertain, reproduce, systematic meditation, cultivate in meditation, training, to train in, to cultivate [JV]

Meditation. In the context of Mahamudra or Dzogchen practice, meditation is the act of growing accustomed to or sustaining the continuity of the recognition of our buddha nature as pointed out by a qualified master. In the context of learning, contemplating and meditating, it means the act of assimilating the teachings into one's personal experience, then growing accustomed to them through actual practice [RY]

1) (Tha dad pa bsgoms pa, bsgom pa, sgoms,, meditate [R]; 2) meditation [R] [IW]

bsgom pa - meditation; to meditate, [bhavana] [RY]

lha sgom pa - to visualize deities [RY]

meditation; to meditate/ cultivate (in meditation)/ envision; isc. to nurture the experience of . . . [RB]

1) meditation, practice, training, cultivation, meditation-training, familiarization, development, contemplation, creative imagination. 2) sgom pa, bsgoms pa, bsgom pa, sgoms trans. v.; to cultivate, meditate, practice, become accustomed to; 'make familiar with,' cultivate in meditation. 3) imagine, envision. 4) contemplate, think over, ponder, concentrate upon [RY]