sgrib pa

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to defile [a statue] [RY]

to stain [RY]

to (be) obscure(d)/ veil(ed)/ conceal(ed)/ hidden; isc. to (be) affect(ed) [RB]

1) (Tha dad pa bsgribs pa, bsgrib pa, sgribs,, obscure [ation], make invisible; 2) "cover[ing over]" clouded, veil, defilements, darkness, ignorance; 3) impediment, hindrance [IW]

obscuration; to obscure; isc. to be obscured/ in the dark (about) [RB]

sgrib pa, bsgribs pa, bsgrib pa, sgribs trans. v.; obscuration; clouded, veil, impediment, defilements, obscuration, veil, cover, "covering over", hindrance [RY]

Obscuration. The two veils of disturbing emotions and dualistic perception that cover one's buddha nature [RY]

obscuration [thd]

Obscurations. The veils that covers one's direct perception of the nature of mind. In the general Buddhist teachings several types are mentions: the obscuration of karma preventing one from entering the path of enlightenment, the obscuration of disturbing emotions preventing progress along the path, the obscuration of habitual tendencies preventing the vanishing of confusion, and the final obscuration of dualistic knowledge preventing the full attainment of buddhahood [RY]

pollution, darken, veil, hindrance, impediment, obstructing forces, obscuration, existential compromise, intellectual veil, SA nyon mongs sgrib pa, sin, mental and moral defilement, state of being obscured, darkened, roof, cover, obscure, cover, defile, darkness, sinner, clouded, obstacle, to hinder, to obscure [JV]

Obscurations (Tib. sgrib pa, Skt. avarana): factors which veil one's Buddha-nature. [MR]