sgrim pa

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ppafi: sgrim pa, bsgrims pa, bsgrim pa, sgrims tha dad pa; 1) apply oneself fully; rtse gcig tu gzhol ba, to concentrate, endeavor / take part in one-pointedly; concentrate one's attention. e.g., blo dang rig pa sgrim pa "to be careful both in mind and intelligence, to bring all the intelligence into play";. 2) Syn 'khol ba (to spin) - skud pa bsgrim pa, to spin thread; skud pa sgrim pa "to twist threads together that they may become a compact plait.". 3) ii) to twist [strings, threads, wires, etc.] together. 3b) to hold fast; force or twist together; squeeze in, crowd in [RY]

(tha dad pa bsgrims pa, bsgrim pa, sgrims,, 1) bring and keep to 1 point, concentrate; 2) spin [IW]

hold fast, force or twist together, endeavour, squeeze in, crowd in, spin, wring, stretching, to remain vigilant, to contract, SA tshigs sbyong lnga, concentration, tightening, focus [JV]