shes bya

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objects known'; topics of knowledge; knowable/ object of knowledge; knowable object; knowable objects; any knowable entity or phenomena litt. that which generates knowledge, the phenomena which serves as a basis of knowledge, the subjects, "what has to be known". is called, knowable things, object of cognition. Syn chos object of knowledge, the knowable, what is to be known, branches of knowledge, norm, intellectual, [Sunyanata], ex. stong nyid shes bya'i gshis la shor ba going astray by regarding the nature of the knowable as empty. knowledge, object of knowledge, what is knowable, etc [RY]

object of cognition, knowable [thd]

knowable/ object of knowledge; the/ what is known; isc. the experience of . . . [RB]

knowable, knowledge, object of knowledge, what may be known, what ought to be known, norm, intellectual, object of knowledge, objects of knowledge, knowable entities, phenomena, knowables [JV]

fields of knowledge; object of knowledge [RY]

knowable [entity/ phenomenon/ thing] *, knowledge, learning, understanding, shes bya Magazine [IW]