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[Skt.] - kaya. 'Body' in the sense of a body or embodiment of numerous qualities. When speaking of two kayas: dharmakaya and rupakaya. The three kayas are dharmakaya, sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya. See also 'three kayas.' [RY]

1) body [h]; 2) statue, likeness, image [h]; 3) bodily form/ figure; 4) [h] prefix; 5) kaya; 6) person of high rank [IW]

1) body, form, image, bodily form, figure. 2) kaya, dimension of existence. 3) image, statue. 4) particle used to form honorific, [precedes words referring to parts of the body or to clothing). 5) dimension. 6) person of high rank, Body. buddha body. body form, kaya, primordial contact, dimension, communication, the person of Buddha, image of buddha, image statue; Body, Kaya. One! (form of address); (enlightened) body/ form/ embodiment; image, statue; Kayas. [RY]

kaya; dimension of enlightened being; (enlightened) body/ form/ embodiment [RB]

kaya, body, dimension, primordial contact, authentic existence, embodied being, real being, existential value of being, being-as-value, existential significance, possibilities of being in the world, pattern of person's existence, beings in an environment, incarnate existence, significant being-in-the-world, authentic being in the world, true existence, structures of experience, dimension of existence, Guru's Body, forms, communication, buddha-bodies, honorific, his, hers, or yours, dimension of awakening, dimension of form, enlightened embodiment, dimensions of awakening, awakened dimensions, bodily form, statue, forms of deities, figure, enlightened form. [JV]

Buddha Body = sangs rgyas sku [GD]