sku gnyis

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The two bodies of a Buddha. 1] gzugs sku. (rupakaya) Form Body 2] The body of reality chos sku. (dharmakaya), Truth Body. (RY)

two bodies; chos sku and gzugs sku. (RY)

the two kayas/ bodies of a buddha [IW]

2 bodies (formless for self, form for others), 2 buddha bodies, SA gzugs sku, chos sku [JV]

the two kayas/ bodies of a buddha [1] gzugs sku rupakaya Form body 2] the body of reality chos sku dharmakaya, Truth body]. (IW)

two kayas. Dharmakaya realized for the benefit of self and rupakaya manifested for the welfare of others. (RY)