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gray/ white; 1) crop, harvest, the produce of a year. 2) paddle a) car b) ladle, pot-ladle 3) wall 4) a)whitish, pale-white, pale, light [of colors] b) insipid, 5) oar, rudder, to row, spatula, pot-ladle, gray [RY]

1) crop, harvest, the produce of a year; 2) paddle, oar, rudder; 3) [pot-]ladle, spatula; 4) wall; 5) whitish, pale-white, gray, pale, light [of colors]; 6) insipid; 7) food and drink; 8) row; 9) economy; 10) layman; 11) [p bskyas f bskya skyos!,,] move [residence] [IW]

oar, spatula, wall, rudder, crop, produce of a year, paddle, ladle, partition, plain, without distinguishing color, gray [JV]