skyong ba

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to maintain (one's experience of)/ protect/ sustain; to foster (a relationship with); isc. to continue (to experience) [RB]

to care for [RY]

bskyangs pa bskyang ba skyongs 1) maintain, sustain, lengthen, continue, preserve, practice, care for, help, keep, keep to, take care of, look after, nurture, cherish, guard, protect; 2) enjoy; 3) rule, govern, preserve, foster, keep, tend, defend, save, support, take care of, attend to, protector, defender of religion [IW]

ppafi: skyong ba, bskyangs pa, bskyang ba, skyongs tha dad pa: 1) to maintain, sustain, lengthen, support, continue, preserve, practice, care for, foster, help, keep, keep to, attend to, take care of, care for, look after, nurture, cherish, tend to, guard, defend, protect, save. 2) to enjoy. 3) to rule, govern, preserve, sustain. 4) to foster [a relationship with disciples] [RY]

continue, guard, keep, defend, save, preserve, support, take care of, administer, care, govern, protect, to maintain, to continue, to sustain, to keep, sustain, continue, to tend [JV]