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grassland, meadow, lawn, aversion, abandoned, gone beyond, renunciation, board, plank, soft springy turf yielding to the feet, rebuttal of opponent's arguments against one's own view, discard, abandon [JV]

avoid; x de dag spang te avoid all these errors and [RY]

meadows [RY]

1) meadow, lawn, sod, turf * [[2 malachite = medium green pigment; 3) green copper 'gya'; 4) give up, renounce, abandon, discard, abolish, revoke [p spong, put aside, reject, abandon, renunciation, cast away [IW]

turf, green-sward, meadow; moss, bog [RY]

grassland, meadow, lawn; to give up, renounce, abandon, discard, p. of spong malachite, the medium green derived from malachite, put aside, give up, grassland, meadow, lawn, reject, abandon, renunciation, cast away, discard, renounce, to reject; grass; a meadow [RY]

renunciation [IW]

to abstain from [RY]

rid yourself of, do not, be free of, abandon [RY]