spobs pa

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self-confidence [RB]

1) courage, fearlessness; 2) confidence, pride, spirit; 3) prajna; 5) eloquence, ready speech; 6) brilliance, quick-wittedness; 7) infallibility; 8) inspiration; 9) dare, venture [IW]

courage, eloquence, courageous eloquence, ready speech, bravery, courage, confidence, brilliance. infallibility, quick-wittedness, inspiration, proud, to dare, to venture; self-confidence [RY]

eloquent courage [thd]

self-assurance, courage [RY]

imply, courage, expert in, ready speech (1 of 4 so so yang dag par rig pa), wisdom, pride, self-reliance and wisdom, courage, self-confidence, fitness, propriety, dare, venture, courageous eloquence [JV]