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container, world, residence, high, west, top, up, above, upper, higher, fore, former part, load, SA stad pa, name of Far Western Tibet, the upper or higher part [JV]

upper; the upper, higher, former part, the upper half, top, up, above / shirt / the upper part [of the body] / Western Tibet / praise, compliment; imp. of stod pa; upper/ northern [RY]

Upper [RY]

Western Tibet [RY]

Tö, the three districts of Ngari (mnga' ris skor gsum) [RY]

1) Prepare! commend! Stod pa!; 2) up[per], higher, former part, above; 3) shirt; 4) upper part [of the body]; 5) W T; 6) [p bstod],, praise, compliment; 7) sometimes = bstod [IW]