stong pa

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blank [paper [RY]

empty/ emptiness; isc. nothingness [RB]

empty, emptied (Tha mi dad pa stongs pa, stong pa,, * blank, vacant [IW]

. . . gis stong pa - devoid/ empty of . . . [RB]

1) stong pa, stongs pa, stong ba intr. v. to be devoid of; empty, void, vacant, deserted, clear, hollow, open, without, nothing, blank, 2) emptiness. Syn stong pa nyid 3) negation, openness, void of independent self-existence, 4) the third thousandfold. 5) gis stong pa devoid of, empty of [RY]

sunya, nothing, void, nothing in itself, empty, blank, open, dimensional, hollow, clear, barren, without substance, negation, bare, devoid, vacant, vacuous, vacuum, empty, emptiness, empty state [JV]