thos pa

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learn, listen [thd]

hearing (teachings); study [RB]

heard about [RY]

Listening. In the context of learning, contemplating and meditating, 'listening' means receiving oral teachings and studying scriptures in order to clear away ignorance and wrong views [RY]

have heard of [RY]

erudition; Syn mang thos [RY]

learning, hearing, study, be told, hear, 1 of 6 stobs, hear something second hand, hear of, have word of, understand, one of the 18 sciences, 1 of lo ma lnga, learning [JV]

thos pa, thos pa, thos pa intr. v.; 1) to hear. 2) to be told, to hear of; 3) learn, study, understand;. 4) hearing, listening, learning. hearing teachings; study; 5) the teachings you have heard [RY]

1) (Tha mi dad pa hear[ing], listen[ing] to; 2) learning; 3) be told of [tse] [IW]

1) (Tha mi dad pa) hear[ing], listen[ing] to [Glo bur 'brug sgra thos nas zhed snang dbang med du skyes. Than brda thos te sems mi dga' ba. Rgyal zhes thos kyang ma khengs, pham zhes thos kyang ma zhum.Bslab bya mang du thos pas mkhas par gyur]; 2) learning [Thos pa rgya che ba.Thos pa chung ba; 3) be told of [tse] [IW]