tshangs pa

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Brahma/ God; pure/ chaste [RB]

pure, clean, 1 of 27 coincidences in astrology, SA sbyor ba nyer bdun, whole, purified, holy, brahma, pervasive spirit, brahma [JV]

Brahma. The ruler of the gods of the Realm of Form [RY]

Brahma one of the phyogs skyong bcu the ten guardians of the directions. Brahma, [ruler of the realm of form], whole, complete. Brahma (God); pure/ chaste [RY]

1) Bhrama; 2) brahman/ [-in]; 3) nirvana; 4) whole, complete; 5) abodes of the two higher realms; 2) Gtsang ma [IW]

1) Bhrama [Lha tshangs pa, ruler of the realm of form = skye dgu'i bdag po, dga' ba brgya pa, ngang pa'i shing rta, sngon skyes, chu skyes mngal, 'jig rten byed po, lte ba skyes, gdong bzhi, bdag skyes, rna ba brgyad pa, rnam byed, sna tshogs byed, pad ma'i skye gnas, dbyig gi snying, sbyin byed, mi mjed bdag po, mig brgyad pa, mes po, rang byung, rig byed, rig byed snying po, rig byed gdong, rig byed dran po, rig byed dbang po, gser mngal can, lha las rgan]; 2) brahman/ [-in] [bram ze, rgya gar gyi mi rigs bzhi'i nang gi mtho rim zhig]; 3) nirvana; 4) whole, complete; 5) khams gong ma gnyis kyi gnas ris te, bsdus pa thams cad; celestial realms pure of the kleshas of the desire realm = "tshangs pa"; 2) Gtsang ma [one of the phyogs skyong bcu, the guardians of the 10 directions TSE] [IW]

1) clean, pure (syn. gtsang pa; )2) to clean, cleanse, purify; 3) cleaning, cleansing, purification [Erick Tsiknopoulos]