tshul khrims blo gros

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The date for Tshul-khrims blo-gros' (Klong-chen rab-‘byams-pa’s) parinirvāṇa (his relinquishing of the appearance of his physically manifest form to others–or, in common parlance, his "death" or "demise") is often incorrectly given as having been during the year 1363. However, Tshul-khrims blo-gros did not "die" in the year 1363; he "died" in the year 1364. The discrepancy is due to carelessness in assessing the year, which is, with little trouble, validly interpretable; having, himself, been a remarkable scholar, his entire life has been well chronicled. Tshul-khrims blo-gros was born at Gra-phu stod-gron in g.Yo-ru in Eastern dBus in Central Tibet on the eighth day of the second lunar month of the Earth-Male-Ape year (i.e., Friday, 1st of March, 1308; which was at the begining of that Tibetan calendrical year) The date of Tshul-khrims blo-gros' 'parinirvāṇa' was on the eighteenth day of the twelfth lunar month of the Water-Female-Hare year (i.e., Wednesday, the 24th of January, 1364; which was at the end of that Tibetan calendrical year) at O-rgyan-rdzong in Gangs-ri thod-kar, Tibet.