yan lag

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1) branch, limb, element, member, section [arms, legs, head]; 2) prerequisites for, conditions, assembly of causes; 3) supplementary text; 4) factor, member, part, branch, component parts; 5) aspect, -fold, varieties; 6) attribute, quality; 7) spoke [of a wheel], subsidiary [point](8 supplement, appendix [IW]

branch/ auxiliary (practice); secondary (iso. guru/ samaya) [RB]

secondary form, branch, limb, element, appendage, contributory, supplement, appendix member, organ, (seven are phyag 'tshal, 'bul, sdig bshags, yid rang, 'khor bskor skul, gsol 'debs, bsngo), secondary factors [JV]

subsidiary [point]; branch/ auxiliary (practice); auxiliary, ancillary, secondary, subsidiary, tributary, accessory; aspects; member/ penis; 1) branch, limb. 2) prerequisites for, conditions. Syn rgyu tshogs 3) supplementary text. 4) factor, member, part, branch, component parts. 5) aspect, -fold, varieties. 6) attribute, quality. 7) spoke [of a wheel], member, subsidiary [point] [RY]

1) branch (of a tree or organization, etc.); 2) limb (of the body or otherwise); 3) component (part). In modern usage often in the sense of 'branch', as in 'branch office' (yan lag gi las khungs) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]