ye nas

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timelessly; atemporally; isc. forever/ never (with negative constructions) [RB]

ye nas (verb) zin pa always already ( . . . ); already and forever [RB]

timelessly [RY]

without ever, primordial, from the very beginning, atemporal, beginning, primary, eternally, from the beginning, from eternity, original, that exists from the beginning, ever-existing, timelessly, since the beginning [JV]

eternally, from the beginning/ start, primordial[ly], primary, at all, always D [IW]

primordial, from the very beginning; primordial, primary, from the beginning / first, primordially; eternally, from beginning, primordially, primordial, primary; atemporally and pristinely [RY]

original, fundamental [RY]