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bla ma'i 'khor your teacher's entourage [RY]

revolve, rotate, spin, elapse, come around/ up, be attracted to, surround[ing], conceive, get pregnant, get an idea, return, retinue, attendant [IW]

retinue/ entourage; secondary figures in a mandala [RB]

retinue, circle; companions; 1) retinue, followers, entourage, court, attendants, servants, disciples [family and friends], waiter. 2) circle, sphere, disk, wheel, mandala, turning, revolution, circuit, phyi 'khor in the outer circle [around the main figure]. 3) the retinue or group of lesser figures placed around the main figure, accompanying, attendant [feature, attribute etc.]. 4) surroundings, vicinity, nearby area. See also 'khor ba, skor ba 5) magnetizes [RY]

family, relatives, entourage, students, audience, those who surround one, retinue, attendant (inferior to friend but superior to servant), wheel, circle, circumference, persons or objects encircling, that which surrounds a place, to spontaneously get (an idea), retinue, attendant, to return, to come back, audience, revolves, revolve [JV]

revolves [RY]

1) retinue; 3) surroundings [IW]

1) retinue; 3) surroundings)/ [followers, entourage, court, attendants, servants, disciples, family and friends, surte, waiter, circle, sphere, disk, wheel, mandala, turning, revolution, circuit, retinue or lesser figures around the main figure, attendant feature, surroundings, vicinity, nearby area) magnetize accompanying] [IW]

disk, round flat object [IW]