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[[rnam par snang mdzad sangs rgyas]] - [[Vairochana Buddha]], light maker, buddha family [RY]
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[[pad ma rigs]] - the lotus/ padma buddha family [IW]
[[rang rgyal gyi rigs]] - the pratyekabuddha family/ gotra [[rang rgyal]] [[slob lam]] [[pa]]'i [[rgyud]] [[nang la]] [[rang rgyal]] [[gyi]] [[byang chub]] [[thob]] [[rung]] [[gi]] [[nus pa]] [IW]
[[rang rgyal gyi rigs]] - the [[pratyekabuddha]] family/ gotra [IW]
[[rang rgyal gyi lam shes pa'i lam shes]] - path knowledge knowing the path of [[pratyekabuddhas]] [having accomplished dedication of arousing [[bodicitta]] and [[prajna]], realizing [[emptiness]], for the sake of accepting those to be tamed of the pratyekabuddha family, knowledge of noble ones of the [[mahayana]] abiding in the family of [[realization]] of their path] [IW]
[[rigs kyi bdag po]] - Family lord. The chief figure of that particular buddha family [RY]
[[rigs drug pa]] - the sixth buddha family [RY]
[[rigs drug pa]] - 6th buddha family, the six classes of beings [IW]
[[rigs bdag]] - Lord of the family, lord of a particular [[tathagata]] lineage, lord of your family, lord of the families, root guru; lord of a particular buddha family, lord / ruler of the family [RY]
[[rigs bdag]] - Lord of the family. The chief figure of the [[buddha family]] [RY]
[[sangs rgyas kyi rigs]] - 1) the study of [[buddha nature]]; 2) buddha family [IW]
[[sangs rgyas kyi rigs]] - [[buddha family]] [RB]
[[sangs rgyas kyi rigs]] - 1) the study of the buddha nature. 2) the buddha family [of the {rigs lnga} [RY]
[[sangs rgyas kyi rigs can]] - possessing the buddha family/ nature [IW]
[[rigs]] - 1) kinds, varieties, types, aspects. 2) caste, bloodline, lineage, extraction, birth, descent, lineage, family, noble, potential, class, gene [spiritual genes], type, category, status. 2) specific spiritual family, ''Buddha family''. 3) [[Buddha nature]]. 4) nature. Syn {[[snying po]]} 5) reason. 6) certain [in end of sentence. it is certain!. 7) will understand. 8) causal ground. 9) possibility, capability, potential. 10) philosophy. 11) realm. Syn [[khams]]. 12) appropriateness. 13) gotra, here "go" comes from guna, quality. "Tra" means to protect. So gotra means to protect the qualities {[[yon tan]] [[skyob pa]]} Can also mean potential or seed; family, class, type, noble, potential; possible storied/ qualified; enlightened-family. born, nature, kinds, varieties, types, aspects, caste, bloodline, lineage, family, class, gene [spiritual genes], type, category, status. [RY]
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