Jnana Kumara of Nyak

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Tibetan Input Methods translate sequences of characters typed on standard keyboards into Tibetan glyphs. An input method is one of three components needed for a complete Tibetan Unicode Installation.


A very good description of basically all available Tibetan Inputs methods is given at the THDL project of the University of Virginia.

Windows 2000 and Windows XP

Tavultesoft offers a commercial Tool, Keyman, which supports a number of different input methods for Tibetan. Starting with version 7, Keyman is no longer available for free.

A free input method, TISE, is available here.

Windows Vista

Vista supports a standard Tibetan input method as part of the operating system. No further software needs to be installed. A Tibetan keyboard can be enabled using "Control Panel / Regional and Language Options".


  • The UIM package contains a Wylie input method for Linux.
  • The Dzongkha XKB keyboard, which is part of XFree 86 can also be used for typing Tibetan Unicode.
  • KMFL enables keyboards developed for Tavultesoft's Keyman utility to be used under Linux.

Mac OS-X