Jnanakumara of Nyak

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Jnanakumara of Nyak (gnyag jna na ku ma ra), (ye shes gzhon nu) gnyags

Brief Biography

Jnana Kumara of Nyag. Early Tibetan monk and expert translator who received the Four Great Rivers of Transmission from Padmasambhava, Vimalamitra, Vairotsana and Yudra Nyingpo. He worked closely with Vimalamitra in translating tantras of Mahayoga and Ati Yoga. He is also known as Nyag Lotsawa and by his secret initiation name Drimey Dashar, 'Flawless Moonlight.' His initiation flower, along with Trisong Deutsen's, fell on Chemchok Heruka. Subsequently, he received the transmission of Nectar Medicine from Padmasambhava. He practiced in the Crystal Cave of Yarlung, where he drew water from solid rock; it is said this water still flows today.

Jnana Kumara means 'Youthful Wakefulness.'