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===Translations of the Root Text===
'''Lochen Rinchen Sangpo''' ([[lo chen rin chen bzang po]]) is regarded as the first translator of the [[New Mantra Schools]]. [RY]
* [http://www.buddhistinformation.com/drops_of_nectar.htm  Shantideva's ''Bodhisattva-caryavatra'' vol. I - Entering the Conduct of the Bodhisattvas] [RWB]
===Translations of Written Commentaries===
[[category:Buddhist Master]]
*[http://www.buddhistinformation.com/drops_of_nectar.htm A Commentary on Shantideva's ''Bodhisattva-caryavatara,Titled ''Drops of Nectar'', vol. I ]
** By Khenpo Kunpal (A Student of Patrül Rinpoche) [RWB]
===Translations of Oral Commentaries===
*[http://www.buddhistinformation.com/drops_of_nectar.htm An In Depth Oral Instruction and Explanation by Dzogchen Khenpo Chöga Rinpoche, of Volume One of ''Bodhisattva-caryavatara''] [RWB]
[[Category:Mahayana Literature]][[Category: Translation]]

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Lochen Rinchen Sangpo (lo chen rin chen bzang po) is regarded as the first translator of the New Mantra Schools. [RY]