byang chub sems dpa'

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bodhisattva [RB]

bodhisattva [on the paths of learning of mahayana, enlightenment thob ched kalpa and, 'gro mang gi mtha', dbu dang yan lag gi never discouraged in giving; those who are heroically committed to pure and total presence] [IW]

bodhisattva, (byang is chos sku, chub is longs sku, sems-dpa' is sprul-sku), purified brave and powerful soul, mahayana saint, those who are heroically committed to pure and total presence, 3 special attributes (ting nge 'dzin, stobs bcu, mi 'jigs pa), being on path of enlightenment, Heroic Ones, awakening being [JV]

bodhisattva [awakening being]; bodhisattva. bodhisattvas. a being on the path of enlightenment, bodhisattva. 'heroic being of enlightenment' [RY]

bodhisattva. Someone who has developed bodhichitta, the aspiration to attain enlightenment in order to benefit all sentient beings. A practitioner of the Mahayana path; especially a noble bodhisattva who has attained the first level [RY]

Bodhisattvas. Beings who have realized the empty nature of phenomena and the non-existence of individual self. They are free from the klesas, or ordinary emotions. There are ten bodhisattva levels or bhumis. The eleventh bhumi is that of consummate buddhahood, which is realized when both obscurations, that of the klesas and that which veils total wisdom, have been cleared in an irreversible way. In a broader sense a bodhisattva is a being engaged in practicing the mahayana teachings. [MR]

Bodhisattva (byang chub sems dpa'): One who through compassion strives to attain the full enlightenment buddhahood for the sake of all beings. [MR]