dang ba

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faith sems dang ba drag pos her mind filled with faith [RY]

sincere and honest gzhan la dang ba med pa not sincere and honest with others [RY]

lucid, limpid, transparent, lucidity, sincere faith, pure, clear, cleaned, sifted, sincere, single-hearted, guileless, interest [JV]

1) (tha mi dad pa, [have] joyful mind or arising of devotion; 2) w/o turbulence/ dimness; 3) joy, delight; 4) enthusiasm, admiration; 5) faith; 6) sincerity; 7) [be] pure, clear, serene [IW]

sincere, pure; joy, delight, enthusiasm, faith, admiration, serene, sincerity, to be pure, pure, clear; inspiration [RY]