gsol mchod

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verses of offering and invocation; petition-offering; usually to Dharma protectors [RY]

  • religious ritual/ offering, pay respect and homage to the dead [IW]

prayer and offerings, invocation [JV]

petition-offering [RY]

1) invocatory offering, invocation of offering, offering invocation (ritual); 2) supplicatory offering, supplication of offering, offering supplication (ritual); 3) petitionary offering, petition of offering, offering petition (ritual); 4) prayer offering, prayer of offering, offering prayer (ritual); 5) entreating offering, entreaty of offering, offering entreaty (ritual, gsol ba'i mchod pa, usually where Deities or Dharma Protectors are invoked, offerings are made to them, and their specific activities and benefits are requested) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]