ji ltar

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1) as, like, just as, how, in what way, like what. 2) however, in any case, anyway. Syn ji bzhin exactly, as, just like, actual. Syn ji 'dra how; regardless of how. [RY]

how, in what manner as for instance, henceforth, in what manner, as, in as much as, in the measure of, accordingly, just as, like what, how to do, how to, however much, what kind of?, how, what, just like. [JV]

[just] as, how, in what way, like [what], however, in any case, anyway, exactly, just like, actual, what[ever], how[ever]. [IW]

however; regardless of how . . . [RB]

whatever bla mas ji ltar bstan pa'i chos thams cad whatever teachings the lama gives. [RY]

ji ltar. . . de ltar regardless of how . . . as they seem/ at the same time [play by ear]. [RB]

1) which have been thus, which have thus been; 2) just as, just how, just like; 3) in the same way, in just the same way; 4) whichever, whatever, however (much) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]