yang dag pa

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authentic, real [thd]

1) the genuine, right, correct, the true nature, true, complete, accurate, perfect, proper, ultimate, authentic, real. 2) completely pure. really, truly, properly, fully. Syn de kho na nyid du in [ultimate] reality [RY]

authentic [RY]

authentically chos yang dag pa zhig bsgrub 'dod na If you want to practice Dharma authentically [RY]

correct, right, apportionment, service, correct, perfect, accurate [JV]

yang dag par correct(ly)/ real(ly)/ authentic(ally)/ accurate(ly); impeccable/ ly; truth/ reality; true/ ly [RB]

1) completely true, right, straightforward, the genuine, correct, [the] true [nature], complete, accurate, proper, ultimate, authentic, real; 2) excellent, supreme, perfect; 3) completely pure [IW]

right [RY]

1) perfect; 2) authentic, genuine; 3) correct, right, accurate, proper; 4) the Real, reality; 5) genuine reality, authentic reality, true reality, ultimate reality; 6) totally pure, impeccable. This term has many different usages, and depends greatly on the context. Close attention should be paid to the meaning. In some Yogacara/Mind Only, Tathagatagarbha/Buddha-nature contexts and elsewhere, it tends to take on the meaning of "genuine reality". See also yang dag pa nyid and yang dag pa'i mtha'. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]