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nges shes rin po che'i sgron me ངེས་ཤེས་རིན་པོ་ཆེའི་སྒྲོན་མེ།

  • "The Precious Lamp of Certainty" - "The Precious Torch of Certainty" - "The Precious Lamp for Ascertaining Certainty" - "The Precious Beacon of Certainty" (John Pettit). Commonly referred to as nges shes sgron med. A very important text by Jamgon Mipham illuminating the special and specific views of the Nyingma's and Dzogchen's system. Translated into English with the title: "Beacon of Certainty" Illuminating the View of Dzogchen; by John Whitney Pettit - 1999.[BL]
Commentators and Commentaries
mkhan po kun bzang dpal ldan (nges shes rin po che'i sgron me'i tshig gi don gsal ba'i 'grel chung blo gros snang ba'i sgo 'byed)
mdo sngags bstan pa'i nyi ma (lta grub shan 'byed gnad kyi sgron me yi tshig don rnam bshad 'jam dbyangs dgongs rgyan)
khro shul mkhan po 'jam dpal rdo rje (nges shes rin po che'i sgron me'i rnam bshad 'od zer dri med)
mkhan po 'jam dbyangs grub pa'i blo gros (nges shes rin po che'i sgron me'i rnam par bshad pa nges don sprin dkar glal ba'i sgra dbyangs)
  • The Precious Lamp of Certain Knowledge [RB]

External Links

  • A PDF of the Tibetan text is offered by the Karma Lekshey Ling and can be downloaded here[1]
  • An incomplete English commentary by Khenpo Gyurmed can be read on line at[2]