dur khrod kyi chas brgyad

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the eightfold charnel ground attire. [RY]

the 8 charnel ground ornaments. [IW]

Eightfold charnel ground attire. [RY]

Eightfold charnel ground attire. Eight ornaments worn by a wrathful buddha. [RY]

eight attributes/ symbols of the charnel ground. [RB]

the 8 charnel ground ornaments [1) head ornament (mi mgo'i dbu rgyan dang); 2) (mi mgo'i do shal); 3) elephant skin upper garment (glang chen gyi pags pa'i stod g.yogs), 4) human skin shawl (zhing lpags kyi g.yang gzhi), 5) tiger skin skirt (stag lpags kyi sham thabs), 6) smeared with human fat (zhag gi zo ris), 7) blood bindu (khrag gi thig), 8) cemetery ash anklets and bracelets (thal chen gyi tsom bu). [IW]