de kho na nyid

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1) not mixed w other; 2) the ultimate way things are, emptiness; 3) that itself, only that. [IW]

absolute suchness, ultimate, ultimately real essence, nature, immanent reality, that alone, just that, just such, fundamental nature, tathata, the state of being just as it is, suchness, essential condition, characteristic condition, thatness, fundamental nature. [JV]

1) thatness, reality, suchness, thusness, natural state, real nature, real, That, what actually is, the real thing, state of being just as it is. Syn tathata gnas lugs, stong pa nyid, de nyid, chos nyid, yang dag pa, de bzhin nyid. can be abbreviated by de nyid reality; Skt. tattva or tatva, thatness itself. 2) that very same, that itself. [RY]

the real, suchness, the way things are, [emptiness, thusness, the natural state, dharmata, dharmadhatu, That, that very same, thatness, reality, reality, what actually is, the real thing (it does not always mean the absolute truth, it can also be relative. There is conventional suchness and absolute suchness it can be abbreviated by de nyid. [IW]

essential nature, nothing but thatness. [thd]

immanent reality; Syn de nyid. [RY]

suchness (itself); isc. very nature [RB]

the real, suchness, the way things are, [IW]

The nature of Suchness, Suchness-nature (Skt. tattva). Cognate with de bzhin nyid. 'Suchness' (alone) is de kho na, which is cognate with de bzhin. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]