Trulshik Senge Gyabpa

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[[Image:|frame|]] འཁྲུལ་ཞིག་སེངྒེ་རྒྱབ་པ།
'khrul zhig seng ge rgyab pa

Short biography

  • From the THDL's version: "Blue Annals English Translation Chapter 03", Pg.74

x. 'khrul zhig seng ge rgyal pa (Chengdu 243, R 195)
When he was born to father bkra shis dngos grub and mother dpal le in the town of gad 'phreng in Upper g.yu ru gra, a rainbow canopy appeared over the roof of the house at sunrise. From the age of nine, he was filled with great respect and reverence towards others. At ten he understood all visual objects to be of an illusionary nature. At 12, he felt great sadness (towards the World). At 13, he dreamt that the sun and the moon were shining at one time, and that [F:42b] at the time of his awakening from the dream, the Great [R:196] Merciful One (Avalokiteśvara) appeared and told him to meditate on the meaning of the snying thig, and then vanished. From that time onwards he was filled with a great and impartial compassion.

At the age of 18, he understood all external objects and ideas to be of an illusionary nature. At the age of 20, he took up ordination in the presence of the upādhyāya lde'u sgang pa and of the ācārya bkra 'shis sgang pa. At the age of 25, in order to escape from accidents which were proper to that year (sri means an accident which might befall /people/ at the end of a period of 12 years), he proceeded to seng ge rgyab. He heard an exposition of the teaching of 'tshal pa from the "middle" seng ge rgyab pa. He obtained from the bla ma tsa ri pa the system of breath-­control known as “seng ge'i jang bsnol (Neck touching lions)”. Also he obtained many precepts of the “Old” and “New” Tantras, in Mahāmudrā and the zhi byed system from ras pa dri me 'od, lha ri dpal, gzhon nu 'bum, ston char, byang chub yon tan, the ācārya jo sras and others, [C:244] and especially the complete secret precepts of the snying thig from jo 'bar.

For many years he earnestly practiced meditation in hermitages and uninhabited valleys. He led many worthy disciples on the path of initiation and emancipation (guidance), and passed away at the age of 64.

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