Adzom Rinpoche

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(borrowed from Dawn Mountain @ [1])

Born in 1971 near Chamdo, Adzom Rinpoche was soon named a Tulku or incarnation of the great scholar Gyalse Pema Wangyal by the abbot of his monastery and is widely regarded as an incarnation of Jigmey Lingpa (see below)

Clearly an extraordinary prodigy Adzom Rinpoche began his studies at the age of 5 and undertook full time retreat at 11. At his teacher's request, Rinpoche began teaching Dzogchen in 1984 when he was 13. Today he teaches regularly at his monastery and seeks to better the lives of monks, nuns, and lay schoolchildren.

Students travel from far distances to hear him discourse on texts and practices from one of the major liturgical traditions within Nyingma, The Very Essence of the Great Expanse (klong chen snying thig). This tradition was first codified by Jigmey Lingpa in the 18th century. Adzom Rinpoche is regarded as a Tulku of Jigmey Lingpa himself. (He is also said to be the 30th incarnation proceeding from Manjusri, Trisrong Deytsen, and Ngari Panchan).